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AI-powered speech recognition and natural language processing technologies to automate and enhance administration for physicians.

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Optimising administrative workflows.

Our core competencies are designed to ensure that physicians spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on patients. Our software generates standardised, unbiased and structured repositories of patient interactions.


Recording and transcription

A single microphone is installed which records the entire patient consultation. The text is automatically transcribed, taking into account speaker diarisation, language and domain-specific terms.


Clinical concept extraction

Using state-of-the art NLP tools, clinical concepts, their assertion status and relationships are extracted from the text. Extracted medical concepts are also automatically linked to standard healthcare terminologies such as SNOMED CT or ICD-10.


Automatic summarisation

The extracted clinical concepts and standardised codes are used to automatically populate structured fields in the EHR. This information is then converted into a human-readable summary for use by the physician.


EHR integration

Physician workflow is not interrupted by introducing additional software. Instead, Autoscriber is integrated directly with your existing electronic health record in order to streamline administrative tasks.

Value proposition

Save time and money and pave the way for the
future of healthcare.

Fully integrated solution

Designed to effect minimal disruption for physician work flow.

Less time spent on administration

Automated summarisation and looking up of symptom codes reduces the time spent on each patient, improving throughput rates and costs, as well as freeing up time for delivering quality patient care.

Standardised and detailed summaries

Resulting in easier transfers between physicians and higher quality follow-up consultations.

Structured patient history with links to medical databases

Improving overview of patients, and paving the way for additional features, such as diagnostics and real-time decision support, and the identification of patterns in patient & population.

Physicians reportedly spend two hours on administrative tasks, such as entering data, for every hour spent with a patient. Our goal is to change this dynamic and bring the physician's focus back on the patient.

*Sinsky C, Colligan L et al. (2016). Allocation of Physician Time in Ambulatory Practice: A Time and Motion Study in 4 Specialties, Annals of Internal Medicine, 165(11), DOI: 10.7326/M16-0961.

You're in good company.

Our development partners have a strong foothold in the healthcare and AI space.

Our pilot and research partner who has helped us to develop our solution with the end user, the physicians, and offer a testing ground for validated features.

Our strategic partner, giving us the ability to elastically scale AI and software development expertise in our team, and contributing decades of experience in sales and distribution.

To be announced soon

We are in the process of finalising a further partnership in the healthcare and NLP space. Watch this space.


Integrated with your chosen EHR platforms.

We integrate our software seemlessy with your existing EHR applications.

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In development

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